Class TargetRender (1.18.0)

TargetRender(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Details of rendering for a single target.


Name Description
rendering_build str
Output only. The resource name of the Cloud Build Build object that is used to render the manifest for this target. Format is projects/{project}/locations/{location}/builds/{build}.
Output only. Current state of the render operation for this Target.
Output only. Metadata related to the Release render for this Target.
Output only. Reason this render failed. This will always be unspecified while the render in progress.
failure_message str
Output only. Additional information about the render failure, if available.




Well-known rendering failures.

Values: FAILURE_CAUSE_UNSPECIFIED (0): No reason for failure is specified. CLOUD_BUILD_UNAVAILABLE (1): Cloud Build is not available, either because it is not enabled or because Cloud Deploy has insufficient permissions. See required permission <>__. EXECUTION_FAILED (2): The render operation did not complete successfully; check Cloud Build logs. CLOUD_BUILD_REQUEST_FAILED (3): Cloud Build failed to fulfill Cloud Deploy's request. See failure_message for additional details. VERIFICATION_CONFIG_NOT_FOUND (4): The render operation did not complete successfully because the verification stanza required for verify was not found on the Skaffold configuration. CUSTOM_ACTION_NOT_FOUND (5): The render operation did not complete successfully because the custom action required for predeploy or postdeploy was not found in the Skaffold configuration. See failure_message for additional details. DEPLOYMENT_STRATEGY_NOT_SUPPORTED (6): Release failed during rendering because the release configuration is not supported with the specified deployment strategy. RENDER_FEATURE_NOT_SUPPORTED (7): The render operation had a feature configured that is not supported.



Valid states of the render operation.

Values: TARGET_RENDER_STATE_UNSPECIFIED (0): The render operation state is unspecified. SUCCEEDED (1): The render operation has completed successfully. FAILED (2): The render operation has failed. IN_PROGRESS (3): The render operation is in progress.