Class Type (1.17.1)


Type of entitlement event.

Values: TYPE_UNSPECIFIED (0): Not used. CREATED (1): A new entitlement was created. PRICE_PLAN_SWITCHED (3): The offer type associated with an entitlement was changed. This is not triggered if an entitlement converts from a commit offer to a flexible offer as part of a renewal. COMMITMENT_CHANGED (4): Annual commitment for a commit plan was changed. RENEWED (5): An annual entitlement was renewed. SUSPENDED (6): Entitlement was suspended. ACTIVATED (7): Entitlement was unsuspended. CANCELLED (8): Entitlement was cancelled. SKU_CHANGED (9): Entitlement was upgraded or downgraded (e.g. from Google Workspace Business Standard to Google Workspace Business Plus). RENEWAL_SETTING_CHANGED (10): The renewal settings of an entitlement has changed. PAID_SERVICE_STARTED (11): Paid service has started on trial entitlement. LICENSE_ASSIGNMENT_CHANGED (12): License was assigned to or revoked from a user. LICENSE_CAP_CHANGED (13): License cap was changed for the entitlement.