Class CloudIdentityInfo (1.1.1)

CloudIdentityInfo(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Cloud Identity information for the Cloud Channel Customer. .. attribute:: customer_type

CustomerType indicates verification type needed for using services.



primary_domain str
Output only. The primary domain name.
is_domain_verified bool
Output only. Whether the domain is verified. This field is not returned for a Customer's cloud_identity_info resource. Partners can use the domains.get() method of the Workspace SDK's Directory API, or listen to the PRIMARY_DOMAIN_VERIFIED Pub/Sub event in to track domain verification of their resolve Workspace customers.
alternate_email str
The alternate email.
phone_number str
Phone number associated with the Cloud Identity.
language_code str
Language code.
admin_console_uri str
Output only. URI of Customer's Admin console dashboard.
Edu information about the customer.




CustomerType of the customer