Package types (3.6.1)

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API documentation for asset_v1p2beta1.types package.



Cloud asset. This includes all Google Cloud Platform resources, Cloud IAM policies, and other non-GCP assets.


Asset content type.


Create asset feed request. .. attribute:: parent

Required. The name of the project/folder/organization where this feed should be created in. It can only be an organization number (such as "organizations/123"), a folder number (such as "folders/123"), a project ID (such as "projects/my-project-id")", or a project number (such as "projects/12345").

:type: str



An asset feed used to export asset updates to a destinations. An asset feed filter controls what updates are exported. The asset feed must be created within a project, organization, or folder. Supported destinations are: Cloud Pub/Sub topics.


Output configuration for asset feed destination. .. attribute:: pubsub_destination

Destination on Cloud Pubsub.



A Cloud Storage location. .. attribute:: uri

The uri of the Cloud Storage object. It's the same uri that is used by gsutil. For example: "gs://bucket_name/object_name". See Viewing and Editing Object Metadata <>__ for more information.

:type: str


Get asset feed request. .. attribute:: name

Required. The name of the Feed and it must be in the format of: projects/project_number/feeds/feed_id folders/folder_number/feeds/feed_id organizations/organization_number/feeds/feed_id

:type: str


List asset feeds request. .. attribute:: parent

Required. The parent project/folder/organization whose feeds are to be listed. It can only be using project/folder/organization number (such as "folders/12345")", or a project ID (such as "projects/my-project-id").

:type: str



Output configuration for export assets destination. .. attribute:: gcs_destination

Destination on Cloud Storage.



A Cloud Pubsub destination. .. attribute:: topic

The name of the Cloud Pub/Sub topic to publish to. For example: projects/PROJECT_ID/topics/TOPIC_ID.

:type: str


Representation of a cloud resource. .. attribute:: version

The API version. Example: "v1".

:type: str


Temporal asset. In addition to the asset, the temporal asset includes the status of the asset and valid from and to time of it.


A time window of (start_time, end_time]. .. attribute:: start_time

Start time of the time window (exclusive).

:type: google.protobuf.timestamp_pb2.Timestamp


Update asset feed request. .. attribute:: feed

Required. The new values of feed details. It must match an existing feed and the field name must be in the format of: projects/project_number/feeds/feed_id or folders/folder_number/feeds/feed_id or organizations/organization_number/feeds/feed_id.