Class AllUpdatesRule (1.4.4)

AllUpdatesRule(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

AllUpdatesRule defines notifications that are sent based on budget spend and thresholds.


pubsub_topic str
Optional. The name of the Pub/Sub topic where budget related messages will be published, in the form projects/{project_id}/topics/{topic_id}. Updates are sent at regular intervals to the topic. The topic needs to be created before the budget is created; see for more details. Caller is expected to have pubsub.topics.setIamPolicy permission on the topic when it's set for a budget, otherwise, the API call will fail with PERMISSION_DENIED. See for more details on Pub/Sub roles and permissions.
schema_version str
Optional. Required when AllUpdatesRule.pubsub_topic is set. The schema version of the notification sent to AllUpdatesRule.pubsub_topic. Only "1.0" is accepted. It represents the JSON schema as defined in
monitoring_notification_channels Sequence[str]
Optional. Targets to send notifications to when a threshold is exceeded. This is in addition to default recipients who have billing account IAM roles. The value is the full REST resource name of a monitoring notification channel with the form projects/{project_id}/notificationChannels/{channel_id}. A maximum of 5 channels are allowed. See for more details.
disable_default_iam_recipients bool
Optional. When set to true, disables default notifications sent when a threshold is exceeded. Default notifications are sent to those with Billing Account Administrator and Billing Account User IAM roles for the target account.