Class StandardSqlDataType (1.19.0)

The type of a variable, e.g., a function argument. Examples: INT64: {type_kind="INT64"} ARRAY: {type_kind="ARRAY", array_element_type="STRING"} STRUCT<x STRING, y ARRAY>: {type_kind="STRUCT", struct_type={fields=[ {name="x", type={type_kind="STRING"}}, {name="y", type={type_kind="ARRAY", array_element_type="DATE"}} ]}}

.. attribute:: type_kind

Required. The top level type of this field. Can be any standard SQL data type (e.g., "INT64", "DATE", "ARRAY").

The fields of this struct, in order, if type_kind = "STRUCT".


builtins.object > google.protobuf.pyext._message.CMessage > builtins.object > google.protobuf.message.Message > StandardSqlDataType