Class InstancePolicy (0.17.5)

InstancePolicy(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

InstancePolicy describes an instance type and resources attached to each VM created by this InstancePolicy.


allowed_machine_types MutableSequence[str]
Deprecated: please use machine_type instead.
machine_type str
The Compute Engine machine type.
min_cpu_platform str
The minimum CPU platform. See
The provisioning model.
accelerators MutableSequence[]
The accelerators attached to each VM instance.
Boot disk to be created and attached to each VM by this InstancePolicy. Boot disk will be deleted when the VM is deleted. Batch API now only supports booting from image.
disks MutableSequence[]
Non-boot disks to be attached for each VM created by this InstancePolicy. New disks will be deleted when the VM is deleted. A non-boot disk is a disk that can be of a device with a file system or a raw storage drive that is not ready for data storage and accessing.
reservation str
Optional. If specified, VMs will consume only the specified reservation. If not specified (default), VMs will consume any applicable reservation.