Class DataStats (2.2.0)

DataStats(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

The data statistics of a series of values that share the same DataType.


float64_stats .data_stats.Float64Stats
The statistics for FLOAT64 DataType.
string_stats .data_stats.StringStats
The statistics for STRING DataType.
timestamp_stats .data_stats.TimestampStats
The statistics for TIMESTAMP DataType.
array_stats .data_stats.ArrayStats
The statistics for ARRAY DataType.
struct_stats .data_stats.StructStats
The statistics for STRUCT DataType.
category_stats .data_stats.CategoryStats
The statistics for CATEGORY DataType.
distinct_value_count int
The number of distinct values.
null_value_count int
The number of values that are null.
valid_value_count int
The number of values that are valid.