Class BatchCreateInstanceStatus (0.1.1)

BatchCreateInstanceStatus(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Message for current status of an instance in the BatchCreateInstances operation. For example, lets say a BatchCreateInstances workflow has 4 instances, Instance1 through Instance4. Lets also assume that 2 instances succeeded but the third failed to create and the 4th was never picked up for creation because of failure of the previous one. Then, resulting states would look something like:

  1. Instance1 = ROLLED_BACK
  2. Instance2 = ROLLED_BACK
  3. Instance3 = FAILED
  4. Instance4 = FAILED However, while the operation is running, the instance might be in other states including PENDING_CREATE, ACTIVE, DELETING and CREATING. The states / do not get further updated once the operation is done.


The current state of an instance involved in the batch create operation. Once the operation is complete, the final state of the instances in the LRO can be one of: 1. ACTIVE, indicating that instances were created successfully 2. FAILED, indicating that a particular instance failed creation 3. ROLLED_BACK indicating that although the instance was created successfully, it had to be rolled back and deleted due to failure in other steps of the workflow.
error_msg str
DEPRECATED - Use the error field instead. Error, if any error occurred and is available, during instance creation.
error google.rpc.status_pb2.Status
The RPC status of the instance creation operation. This field will be present if an error happened during the instance creation.




State contains all valid instance states for the BatchCreateInstances operation. This is mainly used for status reporting through the LRO metadata.

Values: STATE_UNSPECIFIED (0): The state of the instance is unknown. PENDING_CREATE (1): Instance is pending creation and has not yet been picked up for processsing in the backend. READY (2): The instance is active and running. CREATING (3): The instance is being created. DELETING (4): The instance is being deleted. FAILED (5): The creation of the instance failed or a fatal error occurred during an operation on the instance or a batch of instances. ROLLED_BACK (6): The instance was created successfully, but was rolled back and deleted due to some other failure during BatchCreateInstances operation.