Class ApprovalRequest (1.7.1)

ApprovalRequest(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

A request for the customer to approve access to a resource.

This message has oneof_ fields (mutually exclusive fields). For each oneof, at most one member field can be set at the same time. Setting any member of the oneof automatically clears all other members.

.. _oneof:


name str
The resource name of the request. Format is "{projects|folders|organizations}/{id}/approvalRequests/{approval_request}".
requested_resource_name str
The resource for which approval is being requested. The format of the resource name is defined at The resource name here may either be a "full" resource name (e.g. "//") or a "relative" resource name (e.g. "shelves/shelf1/books/book2") as described in the resource name specification.
Properties related to the resource represented by requested_resource_name.
The justification for which approval is being requested.
The locations for which approval is being requested.
request_time google.protobuf.timestamp_pb2.Timestamp
The time at which approval was requested.
requested_expiration google.protobuf.timestamp_pb2.Timestamp
The requested expiration for the approval. If the request is approved, access will be granted from the time of approval until the expiration time.
Access was approved. This field is a member of `oneof`_ ``decision``.
The request was dismissed. This field is a member of `oneof`_ ``decision``.


builtins.object > proto.message.Message > ApprovalRequest