Cloud Bigtable Client - Class BigtableClient (1.28.3)

Reference documentation and code samples for the Cloud Bigtable Client class BigtableClient.

Google Cloud Bigtable is Google's NoSQL Big Data database service.

Find more information at the Google Cloud Bigtable Docs.


use Google\Cloud\Bigtable\BigtableClient;

$bigtable = new BigtableClient();


Google \ Cloud \ Bigtable



Create a Bigtable client.

config array

Configuration options.

↳ projectId string

The project ID from the Google Developer's Console.

↳ apiEndpoint string

The address of the API remote host. May optionally include the port, formatted as "

↳ credentials string|array|FetchAuthTokenInterface|CredentialsWrapper

The credentials to be used by the client to authorize API calls. This option accepts either a path to a credentials file, or a decoded credentials file as a PHP array. Advanced usage: In addition, this option can also accept a pre-constructed Google\Cloud\Bigtable\Google\Auth\FetchAuthTokenInterface object or Google\Cloud\Bigtable\Google\ApiCore\CredentialsWrapper object. Note that when one of these objects are provided, any settings in $config['credentialsConfig'] will be ignored.

↳ credentialsConfig array

Options used to configure credentials, including auth token caching, for the client. For a full list of supporting configuration options, see Google\Cloud\Bigtable\Google\ApiCore\CredentialsWrapper.

↳ disableRetries bool

Determines whether or not retries defined by the client configuration should be disabled. Defaults to false.

↳ clientConfig string|array

Client method configuration, including retry settings. This option can be either a path to a JSON file, or a PHP array containing the decoded JSON data.

↳ transport string|TransportInterface

The transport used for executing network requests. May be either the string rest or grpc. Defaults to grpc if gRPC support is detected on the system. Advanced usage: Additionally, it is possible to pass in an already instantiated Google\Cloud\Bigtable\Google\ApiCore\Transport\TransportInterface object. Note that when this object is provided, any settings in $config['transportConfig'] and the $config['apiEndpoint'] setting will be ignored.

↳ transportConfig array

Configuration options that will be used to construct the transport. Options for each supported transport type should be passed in a key for that transport. For example: $transportConfig = [ 'grpc' => [...], 'rest' => [...] ]; See the build method on Google\Cloud\Bigtable\Google\ApiCore\Transport\GrpcTransport and Google\Cloud\Bigtable\Google\ApiCore\Transport\RestTransport for the supported options.

↳ quotaProject string

Specifies a user project to bill for access charges associated with the request.


Returns a table instance which can be used to read rows and to perform insert, update, and delete operations.


$table = $bigtable->table('my-instance', 'my-table');
instanceId string

The instance ID.

tableId string

The table ID.

options array

Configuration options.

↳ appProfileId string

This value specifies routing for replication. Defaults to the "default" application profile.

↳ headers array

Headers to be passed with each request.




Value: '1.28.3'