Google Apps Chat V1 Client - Class SelectionType (0.1.4)

Reference documentation and code samples for the Google Apps Chat V1 Client class SelectionType.

The format for the items that users can select. Different options support different types of interactions. For example, users can select multiple checkboxes, but can only select one item from a dropdown menu.

Each selection input supports one type of selection. Mixing checkboxes and switches, for example, isn't supported. Google Workspace Add-ons and Chat apps:

Protobuf type google.apps.card.v1.SelectionInput.SelectionType


Google \ Apps \ Card \ V1 \ SelectionInput



Name Description
value mixed


Name Description
name mixed



Value: 0

A set of checkboxes. Users can select one or more checkboxes.

Generated from protobuf enum CHECK_BOX = 0;


Value: 1

A set of radio buttons. Users can select one radio button.

Generated from protobuf enum RADIO_BUTTON = 1;


Value: 2

A set of switches. Users can turn on one or more switches.

Generated from protobuf enum SWITCH = 2;


Value: 3

A dropdown menu. Users can select one item from the menu.

Generated from protobuf enum DROPDOWN = 3;


Value: 4

A multiselect menu for static or dynamic data. From the menu bar, users select one or more items. Users can also input values to populate dynamic data. For example, users can start typing the name of a Google Chat space and the widget autosuggests the space.

To populate items for a multiselect menu, you can use one of the following types of data sources:

  • Static data: Items are specified as SelectionItem objects in the widget. Up to 100 items.
  • Google Workspace data: Items are populated using data from Google Workspace, such as Google Workspace users or Google Chat spaces.
  • External data: Items are populated from an external data source outside of Google Workspace. For examples of how to implement multiselect menus, see Add a multiselect menu. Google Workspace Add-ons and Chat apps: Multiselect for Google Workspace Add-ons are in Developer Preview.

Generated from protobuf enum MULTI_SELECT = 4;