This document describes pricing for Network Connectivity Center.

Network Connectivity Center is a hub-and-spoke model for network connectivity management in Google Cloud. With this model, on-premises networks connect to a Network Connectivity Center hub by using spokes that have supported Google Cloud spoke resources attached to them.

For more information about Network Connectivity Center, see the Network Connectivity Center overview.

Current pricing

The following sections describe the current pricing for Network Connectivity Center.

Hubs and spokes

The following table describes charges for hubs and spokes. Spoke hours refers to the number of hours within a month that a spoke is active.

Spoke hour charges are waived for up to three VPN spokes and three Interconnect spokes.

Resource Price per month
Hub No charge
Spoke hours $0.075 per hour

Data transfer

Data transfer refers to region-to-region traffic that uses Google's network to connect non-Google Cloud networks.

Data-transfer traffic is different from ingress and egress traffic, which flows either into or out of Google's network. In contrast, data-transfer does both: it flows into and out of Google's network, because it originates and terminates outside of Google's network.

Data transfer charges are based on gigabytes (GB) of traffic per month.

Post-GA pricing

In addition to the pricing described in Current pricing, future Network Connectivity Center releases will include an Advanced Data Networking charge.

Advanced Data Networking

Advanced Data Networking (ADN) refers to the processing fee charged for all traffic that is sent from a spoke through a hub.

The ADN charge is $0.02 per gigabyte (GB) per month.

This fee is currently waived.

Pricing example

In this example, an enterprise connects two Router appliance spokes to their Network Connectivity Center hub. One spoke represents an office in Los Angeles (us-west2). Another represents an office in Mumbai (asia-south1).

Every month, the US office transfers 5 TB of data to the Asia office, and the Asia office transfers 5 TB to the US office.

The following table describes how this customer would be charged for one 30-day month.

Resources Usage Formula Estimated monthly cost

Spoke hour charges

2 spokes 2 x 24 hours x 30 days at $0.075 $108.00

Data transfer charges

5 TB of data transferred
(Los Angeles -> Mumbai)

5 TB of data transferred
(Mumbai -> Los Angeles)

Total: 10 TB between one unique site pair.

5TB (5 * 1,024 GB = 5,120 GB) at $0.11 /GB

5TB (5 * 1,024 GB = 5,120 GB) at $0.11 /GB



Advanced Data Networking

10 TB of data

10 TB (1 * 1,024 GB = 10,240 GB) at $0.02 /GB


Currently waived

Total cost


Pricing for other Google Cloud resources

The pricing on this page does not include charges for other Google Cloud resources and products that you might be using in conjunction with Network Connectivity Center. For example:

  • If you use Router appliance spokes, you pay for the underlying Compute Engine resources.
  • If you use VLAN attachment spokes, you pay for the underlying Cloud Interconnect resources.
  • If you use VPN spokes, you pay for the underlying Cloud VPN resources.

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