Kf downloads

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This page lists available Kf stable releases and required dependencies. Kf follows Semantic Versioning for its releases.

Follow the upgrade guide if you want to upgrade an existing Kf cluster.


Name gsutil address Direct Link
Kf release Yaml gs://kf-releases/v2.3.2/kf.yaml Download
Linux Kf CLI gs://kf-releases/v2.3.2/kf-linux Download
MacOS Kf CLI gs://kf-releases/v2.3.2/kf-darwin Download
Windows Kf CLI gs://kf-releases/v2.3.2/kf-windows.exe Download
Third Party Sources gs://kf-releases/v2.3.2/third_party.tgz Download

Dependency matrix

Dependency Version
Tekton v0.19.0
istioctl (Linux) 1.9
Anthos Service Mesh 1.9