Moving Looker to a new host

This document details the steps required to move a customer-hosted Looker instance to a new host.

Step 1: Prepare the new system

Complete just the first part of the Looker installation steps on the new host. In other words:

  • Verify that the new server complies with the minimum server specifications
  • Enable ntpd or chronyd
  • Create the looker user and group
  • Create the looker home directory
  • Skip downloading the Looker application and all remaining installation steps

Step 2: Stop Looker on the old host

cd ~/looker
./looker stop

Step 3: Copy the Looker directory from the old to new host

From the new host, as the looker user:

rsync -av OLDHOSTNAME:/home/looker/ /home/looker

Step 4: Start Looker on the new host

cd looker
./looker start