Looker-hosted maintenance hours

Last modified: April 9, 2020

This page contains a previous version of the Looker-hosted maintenance hours document. You can view the current version of this document on the Google maintenance policy for Looker-hosted services documentation page.

Regular maintenance and Looker updates

During the regular maintenance times, your instance may be temporarily unavailable for updates, server upgrades, or other system work. Looker takes system availability seriously and makes every effort to keep any interruption brief and to these scheduled hours. We try to avoid performing any system-related work on Friday and through the weekend to ensure that someone is available to respond to unanticipated issues.

On rare occasions, urgent service outside of the standing maintenance hours may need to be performed. A Technical Contact may also schedule updates, server upgrades, restarts, or other maintenance outside of the hours below.

Hosts in the Americas

Day Maintenance Window
Sunday 9PM - 11PM Pacific time
Wednesday 9PM - 11PM Pacific time

Hosts in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA)

Day Maintenance Window
Monday 2PM - 4PM Pacific time
Thursday 2PM - 4PM Pacific time

Hosts in Asia and the Pacific (APAC)

Day Maintenance Window
Monday 10AM - 12PM Pacific time
Thursday 10AM - 12PM Pacific time

Urgent maintenance

All hosts

Day Maintenance Window
Monday 9PM - 11PM Pacific time
Tuesday 9PM - 11PM Pacific time
Wednesday 9PM - 11PM Pacific time
Thursday 9PM - 11PM Pacific time