Elite System Activity

Elite System Activity is an optional feature. Contact a Google Cloud sales specialist if you'd like to use the Elite System Activity feature.

Elite System Activity includes an analytical store for System Activity data that provides the following benefits:

  • System Activity Explores and dashboards remain the same, so the process of viewing System Activity data is no different.
  • More System Activity data can be stored. System Activity data can be retained for up to 1 year.
  • System Activity queries are offloaded from the Looker instance, which improves System Activity query performance and may improve Looker's performance. It also removes the concurrent query limit on System Activity Explores and dashboards, and removes the forced 12-hour caching policy for System Activity Explores and dashboards. With Elite System Activity, most System Activity tables refresh every 10 minutes (although some less frequently updated tables can take up to 24 hours to refresh).

This data can be useful for supplementing monitoring and auditing activities, but is not intended to replace your current compliance strategy.

The Elite System Activity feature must be enabled and configured by Looker. To enable this feature, contact a Google Cloud sales specialist or open a support request.

When Elite System Activity is enabled, System Activity dashboards and Explores will query the analytical store, but legacy i__looker Explores will not. If Elite System Activity is enabled, Looker recommends you update any saved Looks or dashboards that query i__looker and cause them to query System Activity instead.