Configuration management tools

Configuration management tools can provide simplified deployment of a customer-hosted Looker instance.

Example Ansible role for Looker deployment

Looker provides an example Ansible role on our Looker GitHub repository. This example is based on roles that Looker uses internally to deploy the Looker application to EC2 instances. It is provided as an example and is not supported by Looker Support.

Notes about this Ansible role

  • The included init script is written for Ubuntu, so it might need to be modified for other Linux distributions.

  • The scripts assume that Looker is being run by user looker in group looker, which is the recommended configuration. Modify defaults/main.yml and files/looker_init if you want to change this.

  • templates/looker.j2 sets the memory based on the EC2 instance type, using an array in defaults.main.yml. You will likely need to change this. The default is 2800m.

  • templates/looker.j2 shows the arguments to use for JMX monitoring of Looker if desired.