Quotas and limits

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This document lists the quotas and limits that apply to Live Stream API.

A quota restricts how much of a particular shared Google Cloud resource your Cloud project can use, including hardware, software, and network components.

Quotas are part of a system that does the following:

  • Monitors your use or consumption of Google Cloud products and services.
  • Restricts your consumption of those resources for reasons including ensuring fairness and reducing spikes in usage.
  • Maintains configurations that automatically enforce prescribed restrictions.
  • Provides a means to make or request changes to the quota.

When a quota is exceeded, in most cases, the system immediately blocks access to the relevant Google resource, and the task that you're trying to perform fails. In most cases, quotas apply to each Cloud project and are shared across all applications and IP addresses that use that Cloud project.

There are also limits on Live Stream API resources. These limits are unrelated to the quota system. Limits cannot be changed unless otherwise stated.

General limits

  • Live stream sessions last for 24 hours after you start a channel. After 24 hours in any StreamingState other than STOPPED or STOPPING, the channel may be restarted.

  • A mux stream with a ts container must contain exactly one audio stream and up to one video stream.

  • Only HLS manifests can contain mux streams with the ts container. Manifests cannot contain a mixture of ts and fmp4 mux streams.

Allocation quotas

The following regional quotas don't reset over time and instead are released when you release the resource:

Quotas per region Value
Channels 10
Inputs 20
HD output streams 20
SD output streams 40

Request quotas

The following quotas apply to Live Stream API requests:

Request quota Value
API requests per minute 6000
Operation requests per minute per region 1200
Get requests per minute per region 1200
List requests per minute per region 300
Mutation requests per minute per region 300

These quotas apply to each Google Cloud project and are shared across all applications and IP addresses using that project.

Input limits

Input streams must follow the limits provided below:

Tier Resolution Bitrate FPS
SD <720p <=6 Mbps <=60
HD <=1080p <=25 Mbps <=60

Output limits

Tier Resolution Bitrate FPS
SD <720p <=3 Mbps <=60
HD <=1080p <=15 Mbps <=60

Per-channel resource limits

The following limits apply to each individual channel:

Resource per channel Value
Events1 1000
Input attachments 6
Manifests 10
HD video output streams 3
Total video output streams 10
Audio output streams 20
Sprite sheet settings 3

1 Once the limit is reached, you must delete the oldest events to make room for new events.

Quota increases

If you want to increase any of your quotas for Live Stream API, you can use the Google Cloud console to request a quota increase. For details, see Requesting higher quota.