Supported regions for AKS attached clusters

Attached clusters are controlled from a Google Cloud region that runs the API and services that support an attached cluster. When you attach your cluster, you must specify the Google Cloud region that will control it. Although you can choose any region, choosing one as geographically close to your cluster as possible will reduce latency.

These are the Google Cloud regions you can control your cluster from.

  • asia-east2
  • asia-northeast2
  • asia-south1
  • asia-southeast1
  • asia-southeast2
  • australia-southeast1
  • europe-north1
  • europe-west1
  • europe-west2
  • europe-west3
  • europe-west4
  • europe-west6
  • europe-west9
  • me-central2
  • northamerica-northeast1
  • southamerica-east1
  • us-east4
  • us-west1

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