Interface SpannerRpc.StreamingCall (6.66.0)

public static interface SpannerRpc.StreamingCall

Handle for cancellation of a streaming read or query call.


cancel(String message)

public abstract void cancel(String message)

Cancels the call.

Name Description
message String

a message to use in the final status of any underlying RPC


public abstract ApiCallContext getCallContext()

Returns the ApiCallContext that is used for this streaming call.

Type Description

request(int numMessages)

public abstract void request(int numMessages)

Requests more messages from the stream. We disable the auto flow control mechanism in grpc, so we need to request messages ourself. This gives us more control over how much buffer we maintain in the client. Grpc will request 1 initial message automatically so we don't need to call this at the beginning. After that it should be called whenever there is a flow control window available based on the flow control setting configured by the client. Currently we do not have any flow control so this is called automatically when a message is received.

Name Description
numMessages int