Class PublisherGrpc.PublisherImplBase (0.17.0)

public abstract static class PublisherGrpc.PublisherImplBase implements BindableService, PublisherGrpc.AsyncService

Base class for the server implementation of the service Publisher.

Eventarc processes events generated by an event provider and delivers them to a subscriber. An event provider is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) system or product that can generate and deliver events through Eventarc. A third-party event provider is an event provider from outside of Google. A partner is a third-party event provider that is integrated with Eventarc. A subscriber is a GCP customer interested in receiving events. Channel is a first-class Eventarc resource that is created and managed by the subscriber in their GCP project. A Channel represents a subscriber's intent to receive events from an event provider. A Channel is associated with exactly one event provider. ChannelConnection is a first-class Eventarc resource that is created and managed by the partner in their GCP project. A ChannelConnection represents a connection between a partner and a subscriber's Channel. A ChannelConnection has a one-to-one mapping with a Channel. Publisher allows an event provider to publish events to Eventarc.


java.lang.Object > PublisherGrpc.PublisherImplBase


io.grpc.BindableService, PublisherGrpc.AsyncService



public PublisherImplBase()



public final ServerServiceDefinition bindService()