Interface PolicyTagManagerSerializationGrpc.AsyncService (1.51.0)

public static interface PolicyTagManagerSerializationGrpc.AsyncService

Policy Tag Manager Serialization API service allows you to manipulate your policy tags and taxonomies in a serialized format. Taxonomy is a hierarchical group of policy tags.


exportTaxonomies(ExportTaxonomiesRequest request, StreamObserver<ExportTaxonomiesResponse> responseObserver)

public default void exportTaxonomies(ExportTaxonomiesRequest request, StreamObserver<ExportTaxonomiesResponse> responseObserver)

Exports taxonomies in the requested type and returns them, including their policy tags. The requested taxonomies must belong to the same project. This method generates SerializedTaxonomy protocol buffers with nested policy tags that can be used as input for ImportTaxonomies calls.

Name Description
request ExportTaxonomiesRequest
responseObserver io.grpc.stub.StreamObserver<ExportTaxonomiesResponse>

importTaxonomies(ImportTaxonomiesRequest request, StreamObserver<ImportTaxonomiesResponse> responseObserver)

public default void importTaxonomies(ImportTaxonomiesRequest request, StreamObserver<ImportTaxonomiesResponse> responseObserver)

Creates new taxonomies (including their policy tags) in a given project by importing from inlined or cross-regional sources. For a cross-regional source, new taxonomies are created by copying from a source in another region. For an inlined source, taxonomies and policy tags are created in bulk using nested protocol buffer structures.

Name Description
request ImportTaxonomiesRequest
responseObserver io.grpc.stub.StreamObserver<ImportTaxonomiesResponse>

replaceTaxonomy(ReplaceTaxonomyRequest request, StreamObserver<Taxonomy> responseObserver)

public default void replaceTaxonomy(ReplaceTaxonomyRequest request, StreamObserver<Taxonomy> responseObserver)

Replaces (updates) a taxonomy and all its policy tags. The taxonomy and its entire hierarchy of policy tags must be represented literally by SerializedTaxonomy and the nested SerializedPolicyTag messages. This operation automatically does the following:

  • Deletes the existing policy tags that are missing from the SerializedPolicyTag.
  • Creates policy tags that don't have resource names. They are considered new.
  • Updates policy tags with valid resources names accordingly.
Name Description
request ReplaceTaxonomyRequest
responseObserver io.grpc.stub.StreamObserver<Taxonomy>