google-cloud-bigquery overview (2.24.2)

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A client for BigQuery – A fully managed, petabyte scale, low cost enterprise data warehouse for analytics.

A simple usage example showing how to create a table in Bigquery. For the complete source code see

{@code BigQuery bigquery = BigQueryOptions.getDefaultInstance().getService();

   TableId tableId = TableId.of(datasetName, tableName);
   TableDefinition tableDefinition = StandardTableDefinition.of(schema);
   TableInfo tableInfo = TableInfo.newBuilder(tableId, tableDefinition).build();

   System.out.println("Table created successfully");

See Also: Google Cloud BigQuery

A testing helper for Google BigQuery.

A simple usage example: 1. Create a test Google Cloud project.

2. Download a JSON service account credentials file from the Google Developer's Console.

3. Create a RemoteBigQueryHelper object using your project ID and JSON key. Here is an example that uses the RemoteBigQueryHelper to create a dataset.

4. Run tests.

Before the test:

 RemoteBigQueryHelper bigqueryHelper = RemoteBigQueryHelper.create();
 BigQuery bigquery = bigqueryHelper.getOptions().getService();
 String dataset = RemoteBigQueryHelper.generateDatasetName();

After the test:

 RemoteBigQueryHelper.forceDelete(bigquery, DATASET);