Interface PredictionServiceGrpc.AsyncService (2.41.0)

public static interface PredictionServiceGrpc.AsyncService

AutoML Prediction API. On any input that is documented to expect a string parameter in snake_case or kebab-case, either of those cases is accepted.


batchPredict(BatchPredictRequest request, StreamObserver<Operation> responseObserver)

public default void batchPredict(BatchPredictRequest request, StreamObserver<Operation> responseObserver)

Perform a batch prediction. Unlike the online Predict, batch prediction result won't be immediately available in the response. Instead, a long running operation object is returned. User can poll the operation result via GetOperation method. Once the operation is done, BatchPredictResult is returned in the response field. Available for following ML problems:

  • Image Classification
  • Image Object Detection
  • Video Classification
  • Video Object Tracking * Text Extraction
  • Tables

predict(PredictRequest request, StreamObserver<PredictResponse> responseObserver)

public default void predict(PredictRequest request, StreamObserver<PredictResponse> responseObserver)

Perform an online prediction. The prediction result will be directly returned in the response. Available for following ML problems, and their expected request payloads:

  • Image Classification - Image in .JPEG, .GIF or .PNG format, image_bytes up to 30MB.
  • Image Object Detection - Image in .JPEG, .GIF or .PNG format, image_bytes up to 30MB.
  • Text Classification - TextSnippet, content up to 60,000 characters, UTF-8 encoded.
  • Text Extraction - TextSnippet, content up to 30,000 characters, UTF-8 NFC encoded.
  • Translation - TextSnippet, content up to 25,000 characters, UTF-8 encoded.
  • Tables - Row, with column values matching the columns of the model, up to 5MB. Not available for FORECASTING prediction_type.
  • Text Sentiment - TextSnippet, content up 500 characters, UTF-8 encoded.