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Class Description Treats a collection of background resources as a single background resource. A Background resource that does nothing. Distribution records values from 0 (inclusive) to endValue (exclusive) and computes their percentiles.

Methods may be called concurrently. ExecutorAsBackgroundResource wraps an ExecutorService so that it can be used as a BackgroundResource. FixedCredentialsProvider is a CredentialsProvider which always provides the same credentials. FixedExecutorProvider is an ExecutorProvider which always returns the same executor. Provides properties of the GAX library. GoogleCredentialsProvider acquires credentials using Application Default Credentials.

For more information on Application Default Credentials, see InstantiatingChannelProvider is an ExecutorProvider which constructs a new ScheduledExecutorService every time getExecutor() is called. NoCredentialsProvider is a CredentialsProvider which always returns null.


Interface Description Represents a resource running in the background that needs to be shut down for resources to be released. Provides an interface to hold and acquire the credentials that will be used to call the service. Provides an interface to either build a ScheduledExecutorService or provide a fixed ScheduledExecutorService that will be used to make calls to a service.


Exception Description An exception occurs when some background resource is not able to close properly.