Quotas and Limits

For each project, the following table summarizes the default quotas for Cloud Interconnect.

Resource Quota
Number of Dedicated Interconnects 6
In a single region, total number of VLAN attachments for Dedicated and Partner Interconnect 5
In a single region, total capacity for Dedicated and Partner VLAN attachments 80 Gbps
In a single region, total number of VLAN attachments for Dedicated and Partner Interconnect 16

As your use of Google Cloud Platform expands over time, your quotas can increase accordingly. If you expect a notable upcoming increase in usage, you can proactively request quota adjustments from the Quotas page in the Cloud Platform Console:

  1. In the Quotas page, select the quotas you want to change.
  2. Click the Edit Quotas button on the top of the page.
  3. Fill out your name, email, and phone number and hit Next.
  4. Fill in your quota request and hit Next.
  5. Submit your request.

Checking your quota

To check the available quota for resources in your project, go to the Quotas page in the Google Cloud Platform Console.

If you are using the gcloud command-line tool, run the following command to check your quotas. Replace myproject with your own project ID:

gcloud compute project-info describe --project myproject

Permission for requesting quota

In order to request additional quotas, you must have serviceusage.quotas.update permission. This permission is included by default for the following predefined roles: Owner, Editor, and Quota Administrato

Requesting additional quota

Request additional quota from the Quotas page in the GCP Console. You will receive a response from the Cloud Interconnect team within 24 to 48 hours of your request.

If you anticipate that you'll exceed your quotas, we strongly recommend that you request an increase a few days in advance. That way we can fulfill your request before you reach your quotas.

Resource depletion

Resource quotas are the maximum amount of resources you can create for that resource type if those resources are available. Quotas do not guarantee that resources will be available at all times. If a resource is not available, you will not be able to create new resources of that type, even if you still have remaining quota in your project.


Limits, unlike quotas, are hard limits that you can't increase. The following limits are the same for all projects:

  • The maximum capacity (number of circuits per interconnect) for an interconnect is 80 Gbps (8 x 10 Gbps).
  • Each VLAN attachment has a capacity limit of 10 Gbps.

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