Direct Peering

Connect your business network directly to Google at any of 100+ locations in 33 countries around the world and exchange high throughput cloud traffic.

What is direct peering?

Google allows you to establish a direct peering connection between your business network and Google’s. With this connection you will be able to exchange Internet traffic between your network and Google’s at one of our broad-reaching Edge network locations. Visit Google's peering site to find out more information about edge locations.

Direct peering with Google is done by exchanging BGP routes between Google and the peering entity. After a direct peering connection is in place, you can use it to reach all of Google’s services including the full suite of Google Cloud Platform products.

Who can peer with Google?

Any Google Cloud Platform customers that meet Google’s technical peering requirements specified in our peering page can be considered for the direct peering service. Google can peer at the Internet Exchanges (IXPs) and private facilities that are listed in our PeeringDB entry.

Getting started

To request that a new peering connection is established, register your interest with our peering team. If you meet the posted technical requirements a Google representative will reach out to you with further details.


Establishing a direct peering connection with Google is free. There is no ongoing cost per port or fractional port involved, and no per hour charges.

Google Cloud Platform egress traffic through direct peering connections within a region is billed at the following rates:

  • NA: $0.04/GB
  • EU: $0.05/GB
  • APAC: $0.06/GB

All other traffic, including ingress traffic through the connection, is billed at standard Google Cloud Platform rates.

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