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Error codes

This document lists Identity Platform error codes.

Account management error codes

Web error code iOS error code Android error code Android exception Description
auth/requires-recent-login ERROR_REQUIRES_RECENT_LOGIN ERROR_REQUIRES_RECENT_LOGIN FirebaseAuthRecentLoginRequiredException

This operation is sensitive and requires recent authentication. Log in again before retrying this request.

Authorization error codes

Web error code iOS error code Android error code Android exception Description
auth/app-not-authorized ERROR_APP_NOT_AUTHORIZED ERROR_APP_NOT_AUTHORIZED FirebaseAuthException

This app is not authorized to use Identity Platform. On Android, verify that the correct package name and SHA-1 are configured in the Google Cloud console. On iOS, review your key configuration ensure that it accepts requests from your app's bundle ID. For web apps, check your domain and key configuration.

Multi-factor authentication codes

Web error code iOS error code Android error code Android exception Description
auth/missing-multi-factor-session ERROR_MISSING_MULTI_FACTOR_SESSION ERROR_MISSING_MULTI_FACTOR_SESSION FirebaseAuthInvalidCredentialsException

The request is missing proof of first factor successful sign-in.

auth/missing-multi-factor-info ERROR_MISSING_MULTI_FACTOR_INFO ERROR_MISSING_MULTI_FACTOR_INFO FirebaseAuthInvalidCredentialsException

No second factor identifier was provided.

auth/invalid-multi-factor-session ERROR_INVALID_MULTI_FACTOR_SESSION ERROR_INVALID_MULTI_FACTOR_SESSION FirebaseAuthInvalidCredentialsException

The request does not contain valid proof of successful first factor sign-in.

auth/multi-factor-info-not-found ERROR_MULTI_FACTOR_INFO_NOT_FOUND ERROR_MULTI_FACTOR_INFO_NOT_FOUND FirebaseAuthInvalidCredentialsException

The user does not have a second factor matching the identifier provided.

auth/multi-factor-auth-required ERROR_SECOND_FACTOR_REQUIRED ERROR_SECOND_FACTOR_REQUIRED FirebaseAuthMultiFactorException

Proof of ownership of a second factor is required to complete sign-in.


The second factor is already enrolled on this account.


The maximum allowed number of second factors on a user has been exceeded.


Enrolling a second factor or signing in with a multi-factor account requires sign-in with a supported first factor.


Multi-factor users must always have a verified email.

auth/missing-phone-number ERROR_MISSING_PHONE_NUMBER ERROR_MISSING_PHONE_NUMBER FirebaseAuthInvalidCredentialsException

To send verification codes, provide a phone number for the recipient.

auth/invalid-phone-number ERROR_INVALID_PHONE_NUMBER ERROR_INVALID_PHONE_NUMBER FirebaseAuthInvalidCredentialsException

The format of the phone number provided is incorrect. Enter the phone number in a format that can be parsed into E.164 format. E.164 phone numbers are written in the format: [+][country code][subscriber number including area code].

auth/missing-verification-code ERROR_MISSING_VERIFICATION_CODE ERROR_MISSING_VERIFICATION_CODE FirebaseAuthInvalidCredentialsException

The phone auth credential was created with an empty SMS verification code.

auth/invalid-verification-code ERROR_INVALID_VERIFICATION_CODE ERROR_INVALID_VERIFICATION_CODE FirebaseAuthInvalidCredentialsException

The SMS verification code used to create the phone auth credential is invalid. Resend the verification code SMS, and be sure to use the verification code provided by the user.

auth/missing-verification-id ERROR_MISSING_VERIFICATION_ID ERROR_MISSING_VERIFICATION_ID FirebaseAuthInvalidCredentialsException

The phone auth credential was created with an empty verification ID.

auth/invalid-verification-id ERROR_INVALID_VERIFICATION_ID ERROR_INVALID_VERIFICATION_ID FirebaseAuthInvalidCredentialsException

The verification ID used to create the phone auth credential is invalid.

auth/code-expired ERROR_SESSION_EXPIRED ERROR_SESSION_EXPIRED FirebaseAuthInvalidCredentialsException

The SMS code has expired. Re-send the verification code to try again.


The reCAPTCHA response token provided is either invalid, expired, already used, or the domain associated with it do not match the list of whitelisted domains.

auth/quota-exceeded ERROR_QUOTA_EXCEEDED ERROR_QUOTA_EXCEEDED FirebaseTooManyRequestsException

The phone verification quota for this project has been exceeded.


Identity Platform could not retrieve the silent push notification and therefore could not verify your app. Ensure that you configured your app correctly to receive push notifications.