This document describes the quota limits for Google Cloud Functions.

Quotas for Google Cloud Functions encompass 3 areas:

  • Resource Limits

    These affect the total amount of resources your functions can consume.

  • Time Limits

    These affect how long things can run.

  • Rate Limits

    These affect the rate at which you can call the Cloud Functions API and/or the rate at which resources can be used. You can think of rate quotas as "resources over time."

The different types of limits are described in more detail below.

Resource Limits

Quota Description Limit Can be increased
Number of functions The total number of functions that can be deployed per project 1,000 No
Max deployment size The maximum size of a single function deployment 100MB (compressed) for sources.
500MB (uncompressed) for sources plus modules.
Max concurrent invocations for non-HTTP functions The maximum concurrent invocations of a single function that is not triggered by HTTP 1,000 No
Max HTTP request size Data sent to HTTP Functions in an HTTP request 10MB No
Max HTTP response size Data sent from HTTP functions in an HTTP response 10MB No
Max event size for background functions Data sent in events to background functions 10MB No

Time Limits

Quota Description Limit Can be increased
Max function duration The maximum amount of time a function can run before it's forcibly terminated 540 seconds No
Max build Time The maximum time allowed for all builds. Function builds happen at deploy time. 200 minutes per day No

Rate Limits

Quota Description Limit Can be increased
Function calls per second The number of function calls in a second. If exceeded, all functions will be paused until the next quota period 1,000,000 per 100 seconds Yes
GHz-seconds per second The number of GHz-seconds consumed per second. For example a 400 MHz function running for 1 second will consume 0.4 GHz-seconds for that second. Note: there is a maximum of 10M GHz-seconds per day. 100,000 per 100 seconds Yes
API calls (READ) Calls to describe or list functions via the Cloud Functions API 1000 per 100 seconds Yes
API calls (WRITE) Calls to deploy or delete functions via the Cloud Functions API 80 per 100 seconds Yes
API calls (INVOKE) Calls to the "call" API 16 per 100 seconds Yes
Inbound Socket Data Data transfer into all running functions. For example, data used by a function downloading a file from Google Cloud Storage would count towards this limit. 10 GB per 100 seconds Yes
Outbound Socket Data Data transfer out of all running functions, excluding HTTP response data 10 GB per 100 seconds Yes
Socket connections The attempts to establish a new outbound socket connection 4,000 per 100 seconds Yes
DNS resolutions The attempts to resolve a domain name in DNS 40,000 per 100 seconds Yes

When you reach a quota limit

When a function consumes all of an allocated resource, the resource becomes unavailable until the quota is refreshed or increased. This may mean that your function will not work until then. By default, a function returns an HTTP 500 error code when a required resource is over quota and the function cannot execute.

To increase quotas above the defaults listed in this document, submit a request using the Cloud Functions Quotas Page.

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