Runtime Support

To keep your functions up-to-date and secure, we occasionally need you to update your functions and re-deploy them to use a supported runtime. Runtimes on Cloud Functions include an operating system, software required to execute and/or compile code written for a specific programming language, and software to support your functions.

Google Cloud Functions applies updates to runtimes as the updates are made available by the maintainers of these runtime components. When a component is no longer actively maintained, Cloud Functions may deprecate and, eventually, remove the runtime.

This involves three aspects: an initial deprecation announcement, a deprecation period, and a decommission date. The deprecation announcement indicates the start of the deprecation period and the decommission date.

During the deprecation period, you can generally continue to create new functions and update existing functions using the runtime. You should use this time to migrate functions that use the deprecated runtime to a more up-to-date runtime.

After the decommission date, you can no longer create new functions or update existing functions using the runtime. You must choose a more up-to-date runtime to deploy your functions. Functions that continue to use a decommissioned runtime may be disabled.

Supported runtimes

Here is the list of currently supported Cloud Functions runtimes, as well as runtimes that have been deprecated and/or decommissioned.

Runtime Base image Runtime ID
Node.js 16 (recommended) Ubuntu 18.04 nodejs16
Node.js 14 Ubuntu 18.04 nodejs14
Node.js 12 Ubuntu 18.04 nodejs12
Node.js 10 Ubuntu 18.04 nodejs10
Node.js 8 (deprecated) Ubuntu 18.04 nodejs8
Node.js 6 (decommissioned) Debian 8 nodejs6
Python 3.9 (recommended) Ubuntu 18.04 python39
Python 3.8 Ubuntu 18.04 python38
Python 3.7 Ubuntu 18.04 python37
Go 1.16 (recommended) Ubuntu 18.04 go116
Go 1.13 Ubuntu 18.04 go113
Go 1.11 Ubuntu 18.04 go111
Java 11 (recommended) Ubuntu 18.04 java11
.NET Core 3.1 (recommended) Ubuntu 18.04 dotnet3
Ruby 2.7 (recommended) Ubuntu 18.04 ruby27
Ruby 2.6 Ubuntu 18.04 ruby26
PHP 7.4 (recommended) Ubuntu 18.04 php74

Deprecated runtimes

  • Go 1.11: As of August 5th, 2020, Go 1.11 is deprecated on Cloud Functions.
  • Node.js 8: As of June 5th, 2020, Node.js 8 is deprecated on Cloud Functions. See the migration guide for Node.js.

Decommissioned runtimes

  • Node.js 6: As of April 17th, 2019, Node.js 6 is deprecated on Cloud Functions. See the migration guide for Node.js. Node.js 6 is decommissioned as of April 4th, 2020.