REST Resource: projects.databases.collectionGroups.indexes

Resource: Index

Cloud Firestore indexes enable simple and complex queries against documents in a database.

JSON representation
  "name": string,
  "queryScope": enum (QueryScope),
  "fields": [
      object (IndexField)
  "state": enum (State)


Output only. A server defined name for this index. The form of this name for composite indexes will be: projects/{project_id}/databases/{database_id}/collectionGroups/{collectionId}/indexes/{composite_index_id} For single field indexes, this field will be empty.


enum (QueryScope)

Indexes with a collection query scope specified allow queries against a collection that is the child of a specific document, specified at query time, and that has the same collection id.

Indexes with a collection group query scope specified allow queries against all collections descended from a specific document, specified at query time, and that have the same collection id as this index.


object (IndexField)

The fields supported by this index.

For composite indexes, this is always 2 or more fields. The last field entry is always for the field path __name__. If, on creation, __name__ was not specified as the last field, it will be added automatically with the same direction as that of the last field defined. If the final field in a composite index is not directional, the __name__ will be ordered ASCENDING (unless explicitly specified).

For single field indexes, this will always be exactly one entry with a field path equal to the field path of the associated field.


enum (State)

Output only. The serving state of the index.



Creates a composite index.


Deletes a composite index.


Gets a composite index.


Lists composite indexes.
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