Cancel an entity reconciliation job

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Cancels a running entity reconciliation job.

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Code sample


For more information, see the Enterprise Knowledge Graph Python API reference documentation.

from import enterpriseknowledgegraph as ekg

# TODO(developer): Uncomment these variables before running the sample.
# project_id = 'YOUR_PROJECT_ID'
# location = 'YOUR_GRAPH_LOCATION'  # Values: 'global'
# job_id = 'YOUR_JOB_ID'            # Entity Reconciliation Job ID

def cancel_entity_reconciliation_job_sample(
    project_id: str, location: str, job_id: str
) -> None:
    # Create a client
    client = ekg.EnterpriseKnowledgeGraphServiceClient()

    # The full resource name of the job
    # e.g. projects/{project_id}/locations/{location}/entityReconciliationJobs/{entity_reconciliation_job}
    name = client.entity_reconciliation_job_path(
        project=project_id, location=location, entity_reconciliation_job=job_id

    # Initialize request argument(s)
    request = ekg.CancelEntityReconciliationJobRequest(name=name)

    # Make the request

    print(f"Job: {name} successfully cancelled")

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