Duet AI for Developers

Duet AI for Developers, which is part of Duet AI in Google Cloud, is an AI-powered collaborator that helps your development team build, deploy, and operate applications throughout the software development lifecycle.

Duet AI for Developers provides the following types of assistance in the context of your work:

  • Assisted development in your IDE. You can use Duet AI in your IDE (such as VS Code, IntelliJ, Cloud Workstations, or Cloud Shell Editor) for AI-powered coding assistance in many popular languages. You can get code completions as you write your code, generate full functions or code blocks from comments, generate unit tests, and get help with debugging, understanding, and documenting your code.

    Duet AI provides contextualized responses to your prompts, including source citations regarding which documentation and code samples Duet AI used to generate its responses.

  • Assisted troubleshooting in the Google Cloud console. When you use Duet AI in the Google Cloud console, you can ask natural language questions about Google Cloud. Duet AI suggests prompts to help start the conversation, and it supports multi-turn prompts and responses.

    Duet AI can also provide summaries of complex log entries in Cloud Logging and errors in Error Reporting to help you to understand and troubleshoot issues.

Duet AI uses large language models (LLMs) that are developed by Google. The LLMs are fine-tuned with billions of lines of open source code, security data, and Google Cloud-specific content such as documentation and sample code. Duet AI does not use your prompts to train its models. For more information, see How Duet AI in Google Cloud uses your data.

Where to interact with Duet AI

After you set up Duet AI for a Google Cloud project, you can ask for assistance in a few places:

  • The Duet AI pane in the Google Cloud console
  • Specific Google Cloud product pages in the Google Cloud console
  • Your IDE

Duet AI pane

After you set up Duet AI, the chat_spark Duet AI icon appears in the Google Cloud console toolbar. When you click this icon, the Duet AI pane (a conversational assistant) is displayed. The conversational assistant pane persists across pages in the console so that you can keep the conversation going as you work. For more information, see Try Duet AI in the Google Cloud console.

Google Cloud products in the console

Duet AI for Developers can offer assistance within some Google Cloud products. The type of assistance depends on the product.

For example, after you set up Duet AI for a project in Logging, the chat_spark Explain this log entry icon appears in the Logs Explorer. When you are investigating an issue, you can click this button for assistance in interpreting activity in a log.

Duet AI 'Explain this log entry' button appears in the Logs Explorer.

For more information, see Summarize log entries with Duet AI assistance.


If you use the Cloud Code plugin in your IDE, the chat_spark Duet AI icon appears in the IDE after you sign into a Google Cloud project that an administrator has enabled Duet AI or in which you have permission to enable APIs. You can click this icon to display the conversational assistant.

After you select code in your editor, you can enter prompts such as the following:

  • Write unit tests for my code.
  • Help me debug my code.
  • Make my code more readable.

Duet AI also lets you generate code or receive code completions in the code editor.

For more information, see Set up Duet AI in your IDE.


The following table shows the types of generative-AI assistance that are available in Duet AI for Developers, along with links to documentation that shows you how to get assistance:

Task Type of assistance Product documentation
Develop and deploy
  • Generate and debug code.
  • Generate unit tests.
  • Answer questions about Google Cloud products.
  • Offer suggestions for best practices and optimization.
  • Summarize log entries.
  • Troubleshoot error messages.

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