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This page provides explanations and recommended resolutions for error messages that you might receive when you're doing any of the following:

  • Using Cloud Domains in the Google Cloud console
  • Transferring a domain with the Cloud Domains API or Google Cloud CLI

Privacy protection is off or partially off

A next to Off or Limited in the Privacy protection column indicates that your privacy protection is turned off and your information is fully or partially available to the public.

To learn more about privacy protection, see Privacy protection.

To turn on privacy protection for your domain, see Editing registration settings.

Status indicators

The following table provides a list of status indicators that you might see next to the domain name during registration, what they mean, and how you can resolve the issues:

Sign Status Description
Success Your registration is active without any errors.
Warning There are some issues with the domain, for example, the registrant email was not verified, or the domain is suspended. For information on how to resolve this, see Domain suspension.
Inactive The domain is exported.
Error Your registration or transfer has failed. For details on how to fix this issue, see the Troubleshooting section.
In progress Your registration or transfer is pending. If this persists, see the Troubleshooting section.

Error messages during domain transfer

The following table describes error messages that you might encounter during the domain transfer process when using gcloud commands or the API.

Error message Description
TRANSFER_LOCKED The domain is locked by the current registrar and cannot be transferred. Make sure that your domain is unlocked for transfer before starting the transfer process.
TRANSFER_IN_ALREADY_IN_PROGRESS The domain transfer to Cloud Domains is in progress. It can take up to 7 days for the transfer to complete.
TRANSFER_UNSUPPORTED Cloud Domains does not support transfers for this TLD. For details, see Transfer-in limitations. For supported TLDs, see the Pricing table.
ALREADY_OWNED_IN_CLOUD_DOMAINS You already own this domain through Cloud Domains.
ALREADY_OWNED_IN_GOOGLE_DOMAINS You already own this domain through Google Domains.
ALREADY_MANAGED_BY_GOOGLE The domain is already managed by the Google Domains registrar but the caller does not have permissions on the domain.
EXPIRED_RESTORABLE You already own the domain, but the domain expired and was deleted. You can restore it in Google Domains.
DOMAIN_NOT_REGISTERED No one has registered this domain yet.
RECENTLY_REGISTERED The domain was created recently and cannot be transferred within 60 days of initial registration.
EXPIRES_SOON The domain expires soon and cannot be transferred at this time.
MAX_YEARS_EXCEEDED When you transfer a domain, a year gets added to the registration. A domain cannot be registered for more than 10 years. So, if a domain that you want to transfer has an expiration date more than 9 years in the future, transfer is disallowed.
PENDING_DELETE The domain deletion is in progress. You cannot transfer the domain at this time.
PENDING_CREATE The domain creation is in progress. You cannot transfer the domain at this time.
PENDING_RESTORE The domain is being restored. You cannot transfer the domain at this time.

For further details and status messages for a failed transfer, see Google Domains registration settings.

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