Get support for Terraform issues

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The Terraform provider for Google Cloud is jointly developed by HashiCorp and Google. The core Terraform CLI is developed by HashiCorp.

Open an issue on GitHub

On GitHub, you can open the following types of issues:

Check the Hashicorp community portal and get troubleshooting advice

For questions about Terraform in general and common patterns, check the HashiCorp community portal.

For general troubleshooting advice, see Terraform’s debugging documentation.

For Google-specific questions, see the Google section of the Hashicorp Discuss portal.

Ask a question on Stack Overflow

Ask a question about Terraform for Google Cloud on Stack Overflow. Use the tag terraform-provider-gcp for questions about Terraform for Google Cloud.

Find troubleshooting tips for gcloud beta terraform vet

Learn how to troubleshoot gcloud beta terraform vet.

Discuss Terraform for Google Cloud

Visit the Google Cloud Slack community to discuss the Terraform Google Provider and other Google Cloud products. If you haven't already joined, use this form to sign up. For Terraform for Google Cloud, join the #terraform channel.

File bugs or feature requests

From the Terraform for Google Cloud documentation, click Send feedback near the top right of the page or at the bottom of the page. This opens a feedback form.