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Language reference

This page lists all languages supported by Dialogflow CX. For more information on using languages, see Multilingual agents.

Most Dialogflow CX features support all of these languages. As indicated by the table below, some features only support a subset of these languages. To filter the table, check your desired features. The filtered table only shows languages that support all selected features.

(text-only chat)
(Default intents are created for these languages)
(speech-to-text, audio input, speech recognition)
(text-to-speech, audio output, speech synthesis)
(Sentiment Analysis)
Name Tag * Text Default
STT TTS Sentiment
Arabic (Preview) ar
Bengali (Preview) bn
Bengali - Bangladesh (Preview) bn-BD
Bengali - India (Preview) bn-IN
Chinese - Cantonese zh-HK
Chinese - Simplified zh-CN
Chinese - Traditional zh-TW
Danish da
Dutch nl
English en
English - Australia en-AU
English - Canada en-CA
English - Great Britain en-GB
English - India en-IN
English - US en-US
Filipino (Preview) fil
Filipino - The Philippines (Preview) fil-PH
Finnish (Preview) fi
French fr
French - Canada fr-CA
French - France fr-FR
German de
Hindi hi
Indonesian id
Italian it
Japanese ja
Korean ko
Malay (Preview) ms
Malay - Malaysia (Preview) ms-MY
Marathi (Preview) mr
Marathi - India (Preview) mr-IN
Norwegian no
Polish pl
Portuguese - Brazil pt-BR
Portuguese - Portugal pt
Romanian (Preview) ro
Romanian - Romania (Preview) ro-RO
Russian ru
Sinhala (Preview) si
Sinhala - Sri Lanka (Preview) si-LK
Spanish es
Spanish - Latin America es-419
Spanish - Spain es-ES
Swedish sv
Tamil (Preview) ta
Tamil - India (Preview) ta-IN
Tamil - Sri Lanka (Preview) ta-LK
Tamil - Malaysia (Preview) ta-MY
Tamil - Singapore (Preview) ta-SG
Telugu (Preview) te
Telugu - India (Preview) te-IN
Thai th
Turkish tr
Ukrainian uk
Vietnamese (Preview) vi
Vietnamese - Vietnam (Preview) vi-VN