Language reference

This page lists all languages supported by Dialogflow.

Most Dialogflow features support all of these languages. As indicated by the table below, some features only support a subset of these languages. To filter the table, check your desired features. The filtered table only shows languages that support all selected features.

(text-only chat)
(Default intents are created for these languages)
(speech-to-text, audio input, speech recognition)
(text-to-speech, audio output, speech synthesis)
(Sentiment Analysis)
Name Tag * Text Default
STT TTS Sentiment
Arabic ar
Bengali (Preview) bn
Bengali - Bangladesh (Preview) bn-BD
Bengali - India (Preview) bn-IN
Chinese - Cantonese zh-HK
Chinese - Simplified zh-CN
Chinese - Traditional zh-TW
Danish da
Dutch nl
English en
English - Australia en-AU
English - Canada en-CA
English - Great Britain en-GB
English - India en-IN
English - US en-US
Filipino (Preview) tl
Filipino - Philippines (Preview) tl-PH
Finnish fi
French fr
French - Canada fr-CA
French - France fr-FR
German de
Hindi hi
Indonesian id
Italian it
Japanese ja
Korean ko
Malay (Preview) ms
Malay - Malaysia (Preview) ms-MY
Marathi (Preview) mr
Marathi - India (Preview) mr-IN
Norwegian no
Polish pl
Portuguese - Brazil pt-BR
Portuguese - Portugal pt
Romanian (Preview) ro
Romanian - Romania (Preview) ro-RO
Russian ru
Sinhala (Preview) si
Sinhala - Sri Lanka (Preview) si-LK
Spanish es
Spanish - Latin America es-419
Spanish - Spain es-ES
Swedish sv
Tamil (Preview) ta
Tamil - India (Preview) ta-IN
Tamil - Sri Lanka (Preview) ta-LK
Tamil - Malaysia (Preview) ta-MY
Tamil - Singapore (Preview) ta-SG
Telugu (Preview) te
Telugu - India (Preview) te-IN
Thai th
Turkish tr
Ukrainian uk
Vietnamese (Preview) vi
Vietnamese - Vietnam (Preview) vi-VN