Deep Learning VM shared responsibility

Security is a shared responsibility. Deep Learning VM secures the scalable infrastructure that you use to build, train, and deploy your own models and provides you tools and security controls to protect your data, code, and models.

Google's security and compliance responsibilities in providing Deep Learning VM include the following:

  • Protect the infrastructure: Google is responsible for providing secure infrastructure for its services, including physical security of data centers, network security, and application security. This includes compliance with applicable industry standards and regulations.

  • Secure the platform: Google is responsible for securing its platform, including managing access controls, monitoring for security incidents, and responding to security events. Google also provides customers with tools to manage their own security settings and configurations.

  • Maintain compliance: Google maintains compliance with relevant data protection laws and regulations.

The customer's security responsibilities include the following:

  • Use the latest versions of Deep Learning VM Containers and VM Images: Deep Learning VM provides prebuilt containers and VM images to simplify the use of its services. Google is responsible for creating new versions of these images as vulnerabilities are identified. You are responsible for ensuring that you properly configured your services to use the latest version, or to manually upgrade to the latest version.

  • Manage access controls: You are responsible for managing access controls to your own data and services. This includes managing user access, authentication, and authorization controls, and securing your own applications and data.

  • Secure applications: You are responsible for securing your own applications running on the Deep Learning VM platform, including implementing secure coding practices and regularly testing for vulnerabilities.

  • Monitor for security incidents: You are responsible for monitoring your own applications for security incidents, and reporting any incidents to Google as necessary.

  • Comply with applicable laws and regulations for your use cases: You're the expert in the security and regulatory requirements for your business and how they apply to your use of Deep Learning VM.

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