Cloud Debugger is deprecated and will be shutdown May 31, 2023. See the deprecations page and release notes for more information.


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Cloud Debugger solves the problem of isolating issues that occur only in production. By letting you inspect the state of a running application in real time, without stopping or slowing it down, Debugger helps you solve problems that can be impossible to reproduce in a local environment. Debugger also saves time by eliminating the process of redeploying applications just to add logging statements.

Some issues only arise in production—and debugging locally isn't an option. At other times, redeploying resolves the issue for some period of time, but the root cause of the problem hasn't been corrected. When this happens, use Cloud Debugger to find the problem by taking snapshots of variables and the call stack and injecting debug logpoints in your running application. Your users are not affected while you capture the call stack and variables at any location in your source code.

To start using Debugger, see the setup page for your desired language: