Stackdriver Debugger API

Examines the call stack and variables of a running application without stopping or slowing it down.


All URIs below are relative to

This service provides the following discovery document:

REST Resource: v2.controller.debuggees

register POST /v2/controller/debuggees/register
Registers the debuggee with the controller service.

REST Resource: v2.controller.debuggees.breakpoints

list GET /v2/controller/debuggees/{debuggeeId}/breakpoints
Returns the list of all active breakpoints for the debuggee.
update PUT /v2/controller/debuggees/{debuggeeId}/breakpoints/{}
Updates the breakpoint state or mutable fields.

REST Resource: v2.debugger.debuggees

list GET /v2/debugger/debuggees
Lists all the debuggees that the user has access to.

REST Resource: v2.debugger.debuggees.breakpoints

delete DELETE /v2/debugger/debuggees/{debuggeeId}/breakpoints/{breakpointId}
Deletes the breakpoint from the debuggee.
get GET /v2/debugger/debuggees/{debuggeeId}/breakpoints/{breakpointId}
Gets breakpoint information.
list GET /v2/debugger/debuggees/{debuggeeId}/breakpoints
Lists all breakpoints for the debuggee.
set POST /v2/debugger/debuggees/{debuggeeId}/breakpoints/set
Sets the breakpoint to the debuggee.
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