Dataproc Metastore locations

Dataproc Metastore is available in the following regions. For more information about regions and zones, see Geography and regions.

Locations for Dataproc Metastore

You can create Dataproc Metastore resources in different locations in Google Cloud, depending on your availability requirements. Locations are added regularly. For specific information about each location, see Cloud locations.


The following tables list the regions where Dataproc Metastore is available.

Asia Pacific

Region description Region name
Tokyo asia-northeast1
Seoul asia-northeast3
Mumbai asia-south1
Delhi asia-south2
Singapore asia-southeast1
Jakarta asia-southeast2
Sydney australia-southeast1


Region description Region name
Belgium europe-west1
London europe-west2
Frankfurt europe-west3

North America

Region description Region name
Montréal northamerica-northeast1
Iowa us-central1
South Carolina us-east1
Northern Virginia us-east4
Oregon us-west1

South America

Region description Region name
São Paulo southamerica-east1

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