Enabling and Disabling Cloud Dataprep by Trifacta

Cloud Dataprep is managed by Trifacta, a third-party developer, and integrated with Google Cloud Platform. This page explains how you can enable and disable Cloud Dataprep, including the requirements and effects of these actions.

Enabling Cloud Dataprep

When you access Cloud Dataprep on Google Cloud Platform Console for the first time, the project owner must authorize Google to share certain customer information with Trifacta.

The project owner must also give Trifacta access to project data.

Once authorized, the Cloud Dataprep service managed by Trifacta only accesses project data when instructed by the user in the following ways:

  • Browse and preview project data
  • Read project data into Cloud Dataprep for transformation purposes
  • Write results of Cloud Dataprep jobs back to the project

All project data is read from and written to user-owned projects. No BigQuery or Cloud Storage data is stored by the Cloud Dataprep service or Trifacta.

Access is created and permissioned on a per-project basis. To enable access, Google Cloud Platform Console creates a service account that belongs to the Cloud Dataprep service, and supplies it with read/write access to Cloud Dataflow, Cloud Storage, and BigQuery in the Google Cloud Platform project. See Cloud Dataprep Roles→dataprep.serviceAgent for more information.

After the project owner has enabled Cloud Dataprep for a project, users who are granted the Cloud Dataprep dataprep.user role for the project can access Cloud Dataprep.

When a user launches Cloud Dataprep in a project for the first time, the user must:

  1. Log in to their Google account
  2. Accept the Google and the Trifacta Dataprep Terms of Service
  3. Choose a Cloud Storage bucket to use with Cloud Dataprep

These steps must be performed in each project the first time the user accesses Cloud Dataprep in the project.

Disabling Cloud Dataprep

When Cloud Dataprep is disabled in a project, it is disabled for all users in the project.

How to disable Cloud Dataprep for all users

Project owners can disable Cloud Dataprep from the Cloud Dataprep UI.

To open the Disable Dataprep dialog from the Cloud Dataprep UI, click the Project Settings icon:

Then, click "Disable Dataprep":

Effect of disabling Cloud Dataprep

If a project owner disables Cloud Dataprep:

  • Each project user retains access to data (including transformed data) stored within user-owned GCP projects (for example, raw or transformed data stored in Cloud Storage or BigQuery)
  • The Cloud Dataprep service managed by Trifacta can no longer access project data, and users can no longer view or transform project data through Cloud Dataprep.
  • All metadata associated with Cloud Dataprep will be deleted. This deletion is performed by Trifacta; Google never touches this metadata. This metadata includes:
    • recipes for transforming data, settings, and rules
    • jobs run on project data before Cloud Dataprep was disabled (including filenames/descriptions of data)
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