Trigger.TriggerContext (Google Cloud Dataflow SDK 1.9.1 API)

Google Cloud Dataflow SDK for Java, version 1.9.1

Class Trigger.TriggerContext

  • java.lang.Object
    • Constructor Detail

      • TriggerContext

        public TriggerContext()
    • Method Detail

      • trigger

        public abstract Trigger.TriggerInfo<W> trigger()
        Returns the interface for accessing trigger info.
      • state

        public abstract<?> state()
        Returns the interface for accessing persistent state.
      • window

        public abstract W window()
        The window that the current context is executing in.
      • forTrigger

        public abstract Trigger.TriggerContext forTrigger(<W> trigger)
        Create a sub-context for the given sub-trigger.
      • deleteTimer

        public abstract void deleteTimer(Instant timestamp,
        Removes the timer set in this trigger context for the given Instant and TimeDomain.
      • currentProcessingTime

        public abstract Instant currentProcessingTime()
        The current processing time.
      • currentSynchronizedProcessingTime

        public abstract Instant currentSynchronizedProcessingTime()
        The current synchronized upstream processing time or null if unknown.
      • currentEventTime

        public abstract Instant currentEventTime()
        The current event time for the input or null if unknown.