IntraBundleParallelization.MultiThreadedIntraBundleProcessingDoFn (Google Cloud Dataflow SDK 1.9.1 API)

Google Cloud Dataflow SDK for Java, version 1.9.1

Class IntraBundleParallelization.MultiThreadedIntraBundleProcessingDoFn<InputT,OutputT>

    • Constructor Detail

      • MultiThreadedIntraBundleProcessingDoFn

        public MultiThreadedIntraBundleProcessingDoFn(DoFn<InputT,OutputT> doFn,
                                                      int maxParallelism)
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      • processElement

        public void processElement(DoFn.ProcessContext c)
                            throws Exception
        Description copied from class: DoFn
        Processes one input element.

        The current element of the input PCollection is returned by c.element(). It should be considered immutable. The Dataflow runtime will not mutate the element, so it is safe to cache, etc. The element should not be mutated by any of the DoFn methods, because it may be cached elsewhere, retained by the Dataflow runtime, or used in other unspecified ways.

        A value is added to the main output PCollection by DoFn.Context.output(OutputT). Once passed to output the element should be considered immutable and not be modified in any way. It may be cached elsewhere, retained by the Dataflow runtime, or used in other unspecified ways.

        Specified by:
        processElement in class DoFn<InputT,OutputT>
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      • getOutputTypeDescriptor

        protected TypeDescriptor<OutputT> getOutputTypeDescriptor()
        Description copied from class: DoFn
        Returns a TypeDescriptor capturing what is known statically about the output type of this DoFn instance's most-derived class.

        In the normal case of a concrete DoFn subclass with no generic type parameters of its own (including anonymous inner classes), this will be a complete non-generic type, which is good for choosing a default output Coder<OutputT> for the output PCollection<OutputT>.

        getOutputTypeDescriptor in class DoFn<InputT,OutputT>