TransformTreeNode (Google Cloud Dataflow SDK 1.9.1 API)

Google Cloud Dataflow SDK for Java, version 1.9.1

Class TransformTreeNode

  • public class TransformTreeNode
    extends Object
    Provides internal tracking of transform relationships with helper methods for initialization and ordered visitation.
    • Constructor Detail

      • TransformTreeNode

        public TransformTreeNode(@Nullable
                                 TransformTreeNode enclosingNode,
                                 PTransform<?,?> transform,
                                 String fullName,
                                 PInput input)
        Creates a new TransformTreeNode with the given parent and transform.

        EnclosingNode and transform may both be null for a root-level node, which holds all other nodes.

        enclosingNode - the composite node containing this node
        transform - the PTransform tracked by this node
        fullName - the fully qualified name of the transform
        input - the unexpanded input to the transform
    • Method Detail

      • getTransform

        public PTransform<?,?> getTransform()
        Returns the transform associated with this transform node.
      • getEnclosingNode

        public TransformTreeNode getEnclosingNode()
        Returns the enclosing composite transform node, or null if there is none.
      • addComposite

        public void addComposite(TransformTreeNode node)
        Adds a composite operation to the transform node.

        As soon as a node is added, the transform node is considered a composite operation instead of a primitive transform.

      • isCompositeNode

        public boolean isCompositeNode()
        Returns true if this node represents a composite transform that does not perform processing of its own, but merely encapsulates a sub-pipeline (which may be empty).

        Note that a node may be composite with no sub-transforms if it returns its input directly extracts a component of a tuple, or other operations that occur at pipeline assembly time.

      • isRootNode

        public boolean isRootNode()
      • getFullName

        public String getFullName()
      • addInputProducer

        public void addInputProducer(PValue expandedInput,
                                     TransformTreeNode producer)
        Adds an input to the transform node.
      • getInput

        public PInput getInput()
        Returns the transform input, in unexpanded form.
      • getInputs

        public Map<PValue,TransformTreeNode> getInputs()
        Returns a mapping of inputs to the producing nodes for all inputs to the transform.
      • setOutput

        public void setOutput(POutput output)
        Adds an output to the transform node.
      • getOutput

        public POutput getOutput()
        Returns the transform output, in unexpanded form.
      • getExpandedOutputs

        public Collection<? extends PValue> getExpandedOutputs()
        Returns the transform outputs, in expanded form.
      • visit

        public void visit(Pipeline.PipelineVisitor visitor,
                          Set<PValue> visitedValues)
        Visit the transform node.

        Provides an ordered visit of the input values, the primitive transform (or child nodes for composite transforms), then the output values.

      • finishSpecifying

        public void finishSpecifying()
        Finish specifying a transform.

        All inputs are finished first, then the transform, then all outputs.

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