Pipeline.PipelineVisitor (Google Cloud Dataflow SDK 1.9.1 API)

Google Cloud Dataflow SDK for Java, version 1.9.1


Interface Pipeline.PipelineVisitor

    • Method Detail

      • enterCompositeTransform

        void enterCompositeTransform(TransformTreeNode node)
        Called for each composite transform after all topological predecessors have been visited but before any of its component transforms.
      • leaveCompositeTransform

        void leaveCompositeTransform(TransformTreeNode node)
        Called for each composite transform after all of its component transforms and their outputs have been visited.
      • visitTransform

        void visitTransform(TransformTreeNode node)
        Called for each primitive transform after all of its topological predecessors and inputs have been visited.
      • visitValue

        void visitValue(PValue value,
                        TransformTreeNode producer)
        Called for each value after the transform that produced the value has been visited.