Cloud Build API C++ Client Library

An idiomatic C++ client library for the Cloud Build API, a service that executes your builds on Google Cloud Platform's infrastructure.

While this library is GA, please note Google Cloud C++ client libraries do not follow Semantic Versioning.


The following shows the code that you'll run in the google/cloud/cloudbuild/quickstart/ directory, which should give you a taste of the Cloud Build API C++ client library API.

#include "google/cloud/cloudbuild/v1/cloud_build_client.h"
#include <iostream>

int main(int argc, char* argv[]) try {
  if (argc != 2) {
    std::cerr << "Usage: " << argv[0] << " project-id\n";
    return 1;

  namespace cloudbuild = ::google::cloud::cloudbuild_v1;
  auto client =
  auto const* filter = R"""(status="WORKING")""";  // List only running builds
  for (auto b : client.ListBuilds(argv[1], filter)) {
    if (!b) throw std::move(b).status();
    std::cout << b->DebugString() << "\n";

  return 0;
} catch (google::cloud::Status const& status) {
  std::cerr << "google::cloud::Status thrown: " << status << "\n";
  return 1;

Main classes

This library offers multiple *Client classes, which are listed below. Each one of these classes exposes all the RPCs for a service as member functions of the class. This library groups multiple services because they are part of the same product or are often used together. A typical example may be the administrative and data plane operations for a single product.

The library also has other classes that provide helpers, configuration parameters, and infrastructure to mock the *Client classes when testing your application.

More Information