Quotas & limits

Channel Services limits

The table below lists several limits applying to Channel Services

Resources limits

Resource Limit
Account 1 per reseller domain
Customers Unlimited
Entitlements Unlimited
Channel Partner Links Unlimited

Google Workspace limits

Resource Limit
Maximum number of seats 50,000 (contact Support to increase)
Maximum trial duration 30 days (for applicable SKUs)

Limits specific to Test Partner Sales Console

Resource Limit
Maximum number of seats 10
Maximum trial duration 1 day

There are additional considerations when using a Test Partner Sales Console:

  • Customers need to follow the test domain naming convention.
  • Google Workspace entitlements are marked for deletion 3 days after creation, and deleted weekly.

Cloud Channel API rate limits

API rate limits define the number of requests that can be made to the Cloud Channel API. Limits exist on a per-project basis and all API requests, including invalid requests, incur a quota cost.

Rate limits are enforced at 60 second (1 minute) intervals. If you reach your limit within 60 seconds, you need to wait for your quotas to refresh to make more requests.

We have different quota buckets for different groups of endpoints. Quota usages in each bucket are evaluated independently. The following table lists the specific and default per-project Cloud Channel API quota limits, and the methods to which they apply.

API Method Limit (requests/minute)
accounts.customers.entitlements.list 24
accounts.customers.list 24
accounts.skuGroups.list 24
accounts.skuGroups.billableSkus.list 24
operations.get 600
all other endpoints 120

If you need a higher rate limit for API requests, you can request an increase via the Google Cloud console.

Best practices

Here are some best practices to help you with the API rate limits on Cloud Channel API.

  • Use a client-side rate limiter to set an artificial rate limit. This can keep one client from using all of your quotas.

  • Use exponential backoff to progressively space out requests once you reach your quota. This gives the server time to refill your buckets.

  • Follow polling recommendations described for all methods returning an Operation when calling operations.get

  • If you receive a 403 error with the message rateLimitExceeded, wait a few seconds and try your request again. Quotas are refilled every 60 seconds, so your request should succeed after waiting for the next refresh.