This quickstart enables Cloud CDN for an existing HTTP(S) load balancing setup. For additional instructions on enabling, disabling, and configuring Cloud CDN, or if you do not already have an HTTP(S) load balancer configured, see Using Cloud CDN.

Read the Overview for an introduction to Cloud CDN.

Enable Cloud CDN for a pre-existing backend service

To enable Cloud CDN for a pre-existing backend service:


  1. Go to the Cloud CDN page in the Google Cloud Platform Console.
    Go to the Cloud CDN page
  2. Click Add origin.
  3. In the Origin pull-down menu, click Select origin.
  4. Select the load balancer to use as a Cloud CDN origin.
  5. Click Add.


gcloud compute backend-services update [BACKEND_SERVICE_NAME] \

That's it. As users request content, Cloud CDN begins caching that content at the edges of the Google network.

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